Sermons and worship leaders 8th April - 1st July 2018












Sermon Worship Leader  Youth
8th April Acts 1
On your marks!
Catherine  YPM
15th April Acts 2
At last!
 Carl Lighthouse
22nd April Bishop Alistair  Simon YPM
29th April © Acts 3
The mission begins
 Carl -----
6th May Acts 4
So starts the opposition!
 Catherine Lighthouse
13th May Acts 5
Deception, healing, persecution!
 Simon YPM
20th May Penticost Acts 6
Stephen, the face of an angel!
 Catherine Lighthouse
27th May © Acts 7
Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit!
 Carl YPM
3rd June Acts 8
Sorcery, obedience and a baptism!
 Catherine Lighthouse
10th June Acts 9
A blind man can see!
Carl YPM
17th June Acts 10
A heavenly vision!
Catherine Lighthouse
24th June © Acts 11
Peter gives an account!
Simon YPM
1st July Acts 12
A miraculous escape!
Carl Lighthouse
  To be continued ...  




© = Communion

YPM - Young People's meeting during the service.

Lighthouse - Children's bible study, worship and craft starting at 12.50pm with a meal.



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